• Ideal 45-750
  • Artos CS-336
  • Artos CS-337
  • Artos CS-338
  • Ideal 45-774

Ideal and Artos Universal Stripping Blades are made to precision standards from specially selected tool steel.

All blades sets listed are available and in stock for shipping within 1-3 days.  All JWB Manufacturing Wire Cutting and Stripping Blades are made in the USA.

Ideal 45-750/Artos CS-336, 337, 338 Universal Stripping Blades (pr)

JWB Description Blade Form Diameter See Blade JWB Part # OEM Part # Lakes Part # Mechtrix Part #
(in) (mm)

Ideal 45-750/Artos CS 336, 337, 338 Universal Strip Blade

8231002 LB-1253 122282-1 12876

Please contact JWB Manufacturing by phone or by email if you want to explore how a custom blade can improve your project.  All JWB Manufacturing wire cutting and stripping blades are manufactured in the USA.