• Kirsten K750
  • Schleuniger StripCrimp 200

These Schleuniger Style blades use material from specially selected tool steel.  These blades are designed to exacting standards for optimal performance.

All blades sets listed are available and in stock for shipping within 1-3 days.  All JWB Manufacturing Wire Cutting and Stripping Blades are made in the USA.

StripCrimp 200, Kirsten K750

JWB Description Blade Form Diameter See Blade JWB Part # OEM Part # Lakes Part # Mechtrix Part #
(in) (mm)

Schleuniger StripCrimp 200 & Kristen K750 Universal Stripping Blades

8251045 405.103.147, 405.103.149 123455, 123456 19104, 27270

Please contact JWB Manufacturing by phone or by email if you want to explore how a custom blade can improve your project.  All JWB Manufacturing wire cutting and stripping blades are manufactured in the USA.